11 Strange People in History You Probably Don’t Know About

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History is full of strange and unusual people. Some were considered outcasts in their own time, while others were celebrated for their eccentricities. Here are 11 of the strange and unusual people in history you should know about:

1. A woman who was married to more than 900 men

History is full of some pretty weird people, and one of the weirdest has to be bigamist Yongmei. She was married an astonishing 900 times (give or take a few) in just over two decades. Her husband-hunting spree began in 1993 when she realized that she could make some quick money by getting hitched.

She would marry men, usually poor farmers, and then divorce them a few days later. The men would each have to pay a small fee for the divorce, and Yongmei would pocket the cash. At her peak, she was raking in around $8,000 a month — not bad for a woman with no formal education. However, her scheme eventually caught up with her, and she was arrested in 2011.

She was sentenced to four years in prison, although it’s unclear whether she ever served any time behind bars. History may not remember her name, but Yongmei will certainly go down as one of its most bizarre characters.

2. A man who survived being buried alive for 17 days

On October 13, 1899, a man named Frank Williams was working on a railroad track in North Carolina when he slipped and fell into a gap between the two rails. Williams was unable to get out, and before long, a train came barreling down the track, right over him.

Incredibly, Williams survived the ordeal without suffering so much as a scratch. He was badly shaken up, but otherwise unharmed. This event made headlines all over the country, and Williams quickly became known as “the man who survived being buried alive.”

In the years that followed, Williams toured the country giving lectures about his experience. He even wrote a book about it, called Buried Alive: A tale of Terror. Today, Williams is remembered as one of the weirdest people in history. But his story is also a reminder of the human body’s…