It robbed me of my creativity and put me to dull routines of run and follow

Planning is the Worst Idea That Happened to Me
Planning is the Worst Idea That Happened to Me
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Life isn’t a run. It’s life.

If you live your life running all the time after things you have planned to achieve daily is the worst thing you can do to your life.

This happened to me over the years, and now I have stopped. Do you know why?

Because following the strict routine of planned life has rendered my life barren. I always worried about achieving my goals at all costs.

And this led me to fight against time and my capabilities.

I know you have listened to many motivational speakers who speak of lofty dreams with loud and…

In the Middle ages, punishment in Europe was shocking and horrible

7 Shocking Punishment in The Middle Ages
7 Shocking Punishment in The Middle Ages
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Punishment has always been used throughout the world as a powerful tool to extract information from people or forcing criminals to confess to their crimes — regardless of their innocence or guilt.

However, are particularly infamous for their shocking punishment and torture that can send shudders down your spine. The nature of the punishments was so inhumane that it was unimaginable to withstand it. And once faced with it, whether or not you had done something, you would have confessed to it.

Today I am telling you about the seven shocking punishments of the Middle Ages that…

Persistent work pays off, even if you non-native or a new writer

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Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for his work? Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated for his work as it keeps him motivated. But what if a great platform like Medium picks you up among millions of writers and chooses you for a big bonus of 500 dollars! Wow! isn’t it amazing?

I was literally speechless and wanted someone to pinch me to check if I am not mistaken or sleeping. I checked my email again and again and read it a few times to find if it is real, there it is, IT WAS REAL!

War weapons had always remained a part of human history, but these Medieval War Machines were highly innovative and fearsome of the time

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There is no period in human history in which this has never happened. War was always there. The magnanimity of the forces and the sophistication of the weapons decided the winning or losing of a nation.

If you happened to be a war leader somewhere in history and had greater strengths in terms of men equipped with potential weapons, you might have conquered the world if not met with another warrior who had more skilled men and advanced weapons than you.

This applies even today. You either win because you have a greater skilled force or you win because of…

Christine and Lea Papin killed their employers brutally that sparked nationwide outrage and intellectual, and psychological debates

The Gruesome Killing of Papin Sisters That Shocked France
The Gruesome Killing of Papin Sisters That Shocked France
Papin Sisters:

Christine and Lea Papin brutally killed the wife and daughter of their employer on February 2, 1933, which shocked the French nation.

The horrific killing invited mixed reactions from various quarters of the population. Some opined to lynch the sisters while other cool-headed wanted to investigate the case through intellectual inquiry and to find out why the Pepin sister committed such a horrifying act.

They not only killed the two women but also mutilated their bodies with knives and hammers. …

The reality is often different from what we are accustomed to

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History is prone to hearsay, that’s why what we often hear or believe is not true. But they have been told so many times over generations that we took it for granted and never try to reach the bottom. European history is no different. From Viking warlords to Mussolini and Hitler, Catherine the Great, and the Greeks, history is replete with myths that are not true and needs to be debunked.

Here are the eight historically famous myths which are far from real:

1# The stronghold of 300 at Thermopylae

Have you watched the film ‘300’ which featured the story of 300 Spartans headed by king Leonidas…

Know these nine fascinating things about Hitler’s junior partner.

9 Things You Should Know About Benito Mussolini
9 Things You Should Know About Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini pictured with Adolf Hitler:

The claim of that childhood behaviors and traits can determine the sort of personality a person would possess can aptly be applied in the case of Benito Mussolini.

Since his childhood, according to sources, he exhibited traits that made him a difficult child. Since his early years of school, he was a bully, a batterer, violent, disobedient, and had a quick temper that made him detested even in his family.

He was even twice expelled from schools for attacking other fellow students with a penknife. …

His close friendship with Adolf Hitler brought him under suspicion of being a Nazi Sympathizer

Was Edward VIII, an ex-British Monarch, Really a Nazi Sympathizer?
Was Edward VIII, an ex-British Monarch, Really a Nazi Sympathizer?
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor standing right to Adolf Hitler at his house in Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps, Germany:

Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, commonly known as King Edward VIII, was born on 23 June 1894 in Richmond, Surry, as the eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of York who later became King George V and Queen Mary of United Kingdom.

Edward became the Prince of Wales when his father succeeded as King of Britain and Emperor of India in 1910. Although trained for Royal Navy, Edward served in the British Army after the outbreak of the First World War. Edward toured British Empire extensively in the 1920s when his interest grew in national affairs.


They are also known as ‘the Seven Sleepers of the cave’ in various sources

Seven Sleepers of the Cave
Seven Sleepers of the Cave
People of the Cave: I

The story of the seven sleepers or people of the cave, as they are called, were people in the past who hid inside a cave, which is not known to us exactly, from the tyranny of the Roman Emperor, most probably, Trajan , who persecuted Christians for their new belief.

When Decius became emperor of the Roman Empire in 249 A.D. his ambition to strengthen his rule and state religion led to the persecution of Christians under . The Emperor mass persecuted the Christians and everyone who questioned his authority or state religion. …

You can earn money from these magazines even if you are not a pro

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Thousands of freelance writers are writing for various writing sites and magazines and earn almost $2000 per article.

However, all of them are not pro. Many of them have just started their freelance writing journey and some of them have already landed on well-paid online writing jobs.

Those who are earning from these magazines and sites aren’t better than you in any way, yet they are good than you because they are always searching for new avenues that can pay them best.

So, the best comes with the best search and the best practice.

If you are constant in your…


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