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Do You Really Need To be Advised As a Writer?
Do You Really Need To be Advised As a Writer?

A writer needs advice as much as a reader does.

You read plenty of articles on Medium about honing your craft of writing. Some writers tell you with their personal experiences how to remain productive over the due course of time. Some want you to break your writer’s block and come out of it shinning and winning, just as they did.

Even some are telling you what habits you should adopt to grow into the writer you want.

But remember, when somebody is giving you a piece of advice, that person is going through that way or has been there.

The glorious Byzantine Empire is known for its wonders, but there are other things you should know about.

10 Fascinating Facts You Should Know About the Byzantine Empire
10 Fascinating Facts You Should Know About the Byzantine Empire

The great Roman Emperor, Constantine I, established the Byzantine Empire in 330 A.D. with its capital as Constantinople in Byzantium — an old Greek colony. The empire was built on the Eastern side of the Great Roman Empire and flourished to be the most powerful, rich, and influential till 1453 A.D. when it fell to Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II.

The Byzantine Empire was a site of great learning and was famous for its architectural designs and engineering, literature, and traditional arts. However, apart from these things, there are other things you should know about the Byzantine Empire.

Here are the…

Barbarians were not only skilled in the warcraft, but they also had weapons that carried fear and horror in their shades

No doubt the Roman Army was powerful and mighty, but it too has suffered the shame of defeat many times. Most of the debacles that the Romans faced directly came from their clashes with the Barbarian tribes.

These tribes were not only known for their valor and strength but were also feared for the various lethal weapons they used. Almost all the tribes who have sacked and raided the Rome Empire have used their distinctive set of weapons to accomplish their tasks. The stories of their valor and the feared weapons they used have come down to us throughout history.

Not even the glorious Roman Empire stood the test of time, and there were reasons for the crash of this giant empire.

The remarkable historian of medieval times, Ibn-e-Khaldun, lived in a time of great political and social upheavals where the Black Death roamed around the Mediterranean, the Mongols were on the killing spree and he witnessed the rise and decline of various great empires. He wrote a book Called Muqaddimah about the history of empires and postulated his theory of the rise and fall of empires.

In his Muqaddimah, he compares an empire’s life span to the duration of human life. …

Looking back at six historic and infamous sacks of Rome that damaged the Holy City beyond repair

The Roman Empire rose to its glorious heights by sacking and conquering great cities and lands throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

However, history took a turn when White Huns reached Europe in 370 A.D by crossing the Volga River and unleashed their terror of death that forced the Germanic tribes to seek refuge within the borders of the Roman Empire. The Barbarians experiences with the Romans were far more horrifying and degrading.

The Barbarians highly resented the ill-treatment received at the hands of the Romans, and thus they have resolved to take revenge once they revive their force…

No writer can genuinely present the genuine feelings of a section of people if he lacks the feeling of empathy

To Write Better — Write With Empathy
To Write Better — Write With Empathy

Once my teacher told me that all great writings are the writings of pain.

And as much as I have read, I have found that yes, my teacher was right.

But the question is that how a writer is capable to reach that level to inject pains in his writing in a way that resonates with the people?

Well, the answer is that a writer reaches that pain through the path of empathy. Without it, a writer cannot represent the genuine feelings of an individual or a section of people.

And only writing that embodies empathy and pain shall pass…

American code-breaker Elizebeth Smith Friedman made history by playing a crucial role in discovering and dismantling Nazi spy rings in Latin America during World War II.

How America’s First Female Cryptanalyst Busted Nazi Spy Rings
How America’s First Female Cryptanalyst Busted Nazi Spy Rings

Elizebeth Smith Friedman (1892–1980), America’s first female cryptanalyst, is known for her sharp mind and strong nerves for handling grueling and horrifying situations calmly. She cracked hundreds of codes during her lifetime but is best known for her discovery of a Nazi spy ring in Latin America during the Second World War.

Her work demanded secrecy, so she took those secrets of her duty of deciphering codes of the enemies during World War II to the grave. They did not credit her for her works in her life, but the then director of the FBI, J. …


And you can change it if you want to be happy in your life.

“You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes.”
― Lauren Oliver, Delirium

This is very true.

Life is a mingling chord of happy and sad tones. You know it because you have experienced it. This is the normal way of life.

But constant unhappiness is not normal. Some people always look unhappy, and they seem to have lost a purpose in life and question it every day. They don’t seem to find happiness in their lives.

There are reasons why they aren’t happy in their lives. But they can change it if they wish so. …

Plot holes are annoying to the readers and they disengage them from your story

Engage Your Readers by Fixing The Plot Hole in Your Story
Engage Your Readers by Fixing The Plot Hole in Your Story

Fiction writing is not a simple task to accomplish. It requires a wild imaginative flight that produces stories and folds them in a manner that inspires and engages the readers. But a fanciful fiction can’t make that only. It calls for a compact and organic plot — an action without plot holes — to grasp the reader’s attention and engage them throughout.

Many writers yearn to grow into the novelists they aspire, but certain loopholes are debarring them from turning into one. The flaw rests not in their narrative, but in how they weave it into the plot.

Creating a…

The Great Depression

The Great Depression has not only affected the economic life of Americans but also changed their cultural and social lives.

The Great Depression was unparalleled regarding its far-reaching effects on every aspect of American life. It not only destroyed the economic system of America which was inherently weak and fragile but also gave them a chance to rebuild it anew along the modern line.

The Depression awakened the slumbering minds of the policymakers and provided them with the leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to spearhead the extraordinary political and economic reforms that saved the country from falling apart.

Despite the devastating impacts of the Great Depression that crumbled the fabric of American society; it gave rise to popular cultural, social…


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