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A white mob drove by racial superiority destroyed the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was flourished by Black people for the Black people.

Tulsa aftermath. Jun 1, 1921: Image Source

After the Civil War, the Black Americans settled largely in the Greenwood District of Tulsa. They developed it, modernized it, and considered it a heaven for the Blacks. However, they didn’t know that it will become their mass grave one day. Owing to its checkered history of violence, discrimination, and segregation based on color, race, and gender, the USA hid this heinous Tulsa massacre that happened from May 31 to June 1921 for decades when a white mob orchestrated a rampage that ran amok through the predominantly Greenwood Blacks. They killed Blacks mercilessly, burned their homes and business buildings, and…

Barbarians were not only skilled in the warcraft, but they also had weapons that carried fear and horror in their shades

Photo by Henry Hustava on Unsplash

No doubt the Roman Army was powerful and mighty, but it too has suffered the shame of defeat many times. Most of the debacles that the Romans faced directly came from their clashes with the Barbarian tribes.

These tribes were not only known for their valor and strength but were also feared for the various lethal weapons they used. Almost all the tribes who have sacked and raided the Rome Empire have used their distinctive set of weapons to accomplish their tasks. The stories of their valor and the feared weapons they used have come down to us throughout history.

The Ottoman Empire extended across the three continents but failed to survive in the 20th Century

5 Reason Why the Glorious Ottoman Empire Fell
5 Reason Why the Glorious Ottoman Empire Fell
Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

The glorious Ottoman Empire reached its peak in the 15th Century with a vast territory that extending over the three continents — ruling Asia Minor, Middle East, North Africa, and southeastern Europe.

With the vast military and naval prowess, lucrative commerce, impressive achievements in architecture, and the prevalence of various branches of knowledge, science, and innovations, it didn’t last long. It lived out for 600 years and accomplished impressive feats to rule probably unmatched in history. Given the resources it had, it could have easily survived into the 21st Century.

But some reasons eroded the strength of this mighty empire…

Water preserved their mysteries for centuries to come

5 Ancient Prosperous Cities That Sunk in the Water
5 Ancient Prosperous Cities That Sunk in the Water
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Water plays an important role in human life. Since the emergence of human life, the water remained the constant source of survival. Throughout history, access to clean water has influenced the dwelling of humans.

That’s why we see the remains of the ancient world: that cities were built near lakes, rivers, and streams where humans could find freshwater for domestic and agricultural uses. It also provided reliable food as fish as well as allowed people to navigate new areas and to migrate to more suitable places easily through boats.

However, despite the numerous benefits water provides, it has remained the…

Want to outdo your competitors? Work on Incorporating CRM automation into your business

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Every business thrives on successful customer relations. Forging good customer relations mark the success of your business. It’s one of the best strategies big businesses use, but many small businesses put them on the back burner that proves to be detrimental to their growth. However, it’s the biggest challenge for a business is to attract consumers and turn them into lifelong customers.

It’s always exciting to start a new business. But once you are in, the worries of building customers swarm over you.

You can end your worries by attracting more customers by presenting yourself uniquely. …

Rare Photos

Some moments are precious and worth capturing

History is made up of moments. Some moments are gruesome, nasty, and detestable, while others bring wonder and joyful tears to one's eyes. In everyone’s life, there exist both moments. However, some moments are historic and precious that wouldn’t happen again. But again, some moments get lost in the ocean of history; dropping from the human memories while others are being captured and stored permanently in the shape of photos.

Here are the five rare historic moments that are being captured and stored in photos you wouldn’t believe exist:

1. Nine European Kings and Emperors together

A group photo of nine European Kings together: Image Source

This rare photo was taken in 1910 when the European royalty…

Of all his 95 years, Mandela struggled 67 years for the political, social, and economic rights of black South Africans.

Mandela on a visit to Brazil in 1998: Image Source

Who would have thought that a child will be born on 18th July 1918 in a small village Mvezo, South Africa, who would rise into a man and would lead his nation to a sunlit path of justice and equality? Who would have thought that the man will end the long night of captivity, segregation, discrimination, and the institutional apartheid government that crippled his people’s rise in every sphere of life?

That man was Nelson Mandela who saw that the system is unjust and needs to be changed. He stood up against it bravely and gave his 67 years of…

According to a historian, religion didn’t play any role in all this.

Hitler is standing in his uniform, hands folded.
Hitler is standing in his uniform, hands folded.
Photo of Adolf Hitler: Image Source

In many discourses, historians have tried to find out the actual reasons behind Hitler’s hate against the Jews that culminated in the horrible event of the Holocaust.

However, many of them are suppositions and hear-says that cannot form the basis of Hitler’s extreme hate against the Jews. But Hitler’s political manifesto “Mein Kampf,” explains much of his philosophy of nationalism, economy, world politics, and most of all, hate against the Jews.

Although anti-Semitism shaped much of his political thought and to say, his whole life, he didn’t invent the hate against the Jews at first. …

These facts will add more to your history knowledge.

Photo by Daniel Tong on Unsplash

History is full of uncertainty and ambiguity. More often, facts are shrouded with fiction or sometimes we don’t know what had happened. What’s true and what’s not. But one thing is always there, we get used to what we are taught in the history classes but everything is not true.

There always remains a gap, and the missing chain teases our minds. Our mind and perception get shrouded by that semitransparent envelope through which we can’t see anything clearly. As Virginia Woolf says:

“Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semitransparent…

Avoiding them can make your day.

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” — Lemony Snicket

We all think our tomorrow will be better. But that seldom happens. Because we don’t let it happen.

We want to get up refreshed, relaxed, and happy in the morning.

But that doesn’t happen every day. Because soon after getting up, our worries take the driving seat and drive us on the stressed path for the entire day.

Morning is the best of times as it starts our day. And everyone…


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