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You can make the best of your overthinking capabilities and introvert inclinations by reading these four books.

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Do you overthink or do you talk to yourself a lot?

Being an introvert or overthinking isn’t abnormal. It’s special capabilities that sometimes go wasted. You don’t know how powerful an introvert or an overthinker can be if they know how to make the best of their endowed capabilities.

An introvert and an overthinker aren’t the same things. However, there are similarities both share: they spend most of their time inside their heads.

But the problem is that the head is not always a good place to spend time in. As the saying goes, an empty mind is a devil’s…

Startup Tips

Overlooking them can make you a loser

7 Early Warning Signs That Predict Your Startup Will Fail
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Getting success at the entrepreneurial setup isn’t easy. It's because the success ratio is far less than the number of those who fail. According to a study, 90% of startups fail in the first five years of the venture. Given the failure ratio, jumping into the entrepreneurial field isn’t everybody’s work.

I consider myself the luckiest to have faced failures twice and survived the aftershocks. But there were reasons I failed. The mistakes took a heavy toll on my financial health, but I somehow started another successful venture.

I am not saying that I am a millionaire or my business…

Barbarians were not only skilled in the warcraft, but they also had weapons that carried fear and horror in their shades

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No doubt the Roman Army was powerful and mighty, but it too has suffered the shame of defeat many times. Most of the debacles that the Romans faced directly came from their clashes with the Barbarian tribes.

These tribes were not only known for their valor and strength but were also feared for the various lethal weapons they used. Almost all the tribes who have sacked and raided the Rome Empire have used their distinctive set of weapons to accomplish their tasks. The stories of their valor and the feared weapons they used have come down to us throughout history.

The Ottoman Empire extended across the three continents but failed to survive in the 20th Century

5 Reason Why the Glorious Ottoman Empire Fell
Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

The glorious Ottoman Empire reached its peak in the 15th Century with a vast territory that extending over the three continents — ruling Asia Minor, Middle East, North Africa, and southeastern Europe.

With the vast military and naval prowess, lucrative commerce, impressive achievements in architecture, and the prevalence of various branches of knowledge, science, and innovations, it didn’t last long. It lived out for 600 years and accomplished impressive feats to rule probably unmatched in history. Given the resources it had, it could have easily survived into the 21st Century.

But some reasons eroded the strength of this mighty empire…

Water preserved their mysteries for centuries to come

5 Ancient Prosperous Cities That Sunk in the Water
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Water plays an important role in human life. Since the emergence of human life, the water remained the constant source of survival. Throughout history, access to clean water has influenced the dwelling of humans.

That’s why we see the remains of the ancient world: that cities were built near lakes, rivers, and streams where humans could find freshwater for domestic and agricultural uses. It also provided reliable food as fish as well as allowed people to navigate new areas and to migrate to more suitable places easily through boats.

However, despite the numerous benefits water provides, it has remained the…

Oldest Monarchies

The oldest among them comes down from 660BCE without a stop.

8 Oldest Monarchies in The World
Photo by Wicked Sheila on Unsplash

Monarchies have always remained a part of human history. During this modern time, where liberal democracy is the slogan of the better life for a nation, others adhere to the millennium-old principles of rule. However, with the dawn of the human rights era, absolutist powers of monarchs have seen a downward spiral and turned to ceremonial roles. Still, we have absolute monarchs who share power with none and have complete authority over their nations and countries.

Currently, 44 monarchies exist in the world. Some monarchs play ceremonial roles, while others rule with a genuine sense of monarchy. …

You can turn your anxiety into Good Anxiety to live a better life

6 Attitude You Can Adopt to Build Resilience and Mental Strength
Photo by Vladislav Todorov on Unsplash

Do you feel stressed out and nervous in various situations?

This is what Wendy Suzuki, a professor of Psychology and Neural Science in the Center for Neural Science at New York University, felt when she started her research on anxiety and nervousness.

“When I first began researching anxiety in my lab as a neuroscientist, I never thought of myself as an anxious person. That is, until I started noticing the words used by my subjects, colleagues, friends and even myself to describe how we were feeling — ‘worried,’ ‘on edge,’ ‘stressed out,’ ‘distracted,’ ‘nervous,’ ‘ready to give up.’” …

First King of the World

While reading history, we often pose questions that often lead to fascinating discoveries.

Photo by Gerhard Reus on Unsplash

Have you thought about who would have been the first ruler in the world?

Human history has folded much of the mysteries in its lap that tease our minds—ranging from the first life, civilizations, formation of empires, and rise of kings in the early ages of history.

Peeping into history, one thing is sure — kings wielded the utmost powers in the rise and fall of civilizations. Kings like Tutankhamun, Genghis Khan, and William the Conqueror have shaped the course of history. Their towering personalities shaped the destinies of the people around Asia, Europe, and Egypt. …

They are also highly pivotal for breaking your writer’s block

Photo by Jodie Cook on Unsplash

Do you want to write inspiring stories without a break?

Writing regularly drains one’s depot of ideas. It results in mental exhaustion too. One cannot generate new ideas constantly, as it consumes too much mental energy.

But you can make it fun as I do. I use these techniques most often. When I am doing anything, I write freely. It gives me freedom and pleasure to write without a single thought of writing.

I use these techniques to grease my writing tools. They can also help you avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere when you are writing.


And why it is essential for success in businesses

Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash

How do leaders boost their team’s creativity and productivity?

Leadership is a broader term that means many things for many people in many various situations. But before diving into what leadership is or a leader, let me first tell who is not a leader.

A leader is not a manager, commander, or authoritative person.

Let me explain.

A manager’s job is to execute the plan, monitor activities, hire people, solve problems, measure a program, or fire someone. Similarly, a commander may command you to do something, and you have to do it even if you hate him. He may not…


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